• Our Mission

    Atomium Services Ltd mission is to serve External Asset Managers and Advisors providing them with administrative and operation supports and offering our extensive network of finance service providers worldwide.

  • Our Services

    Company set up
    Operations & Administration

  • Our Team

    Atomium Services Ltd’s team consists of six seasoned, specialized, dedicated and motivated Wealth Advisers, Relationship Managers and Compliance officer with a sound professional background and a profound experience in Private Banking.

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Atomium Services Ltd’s provides EAMs with two IT solutions

adapted to their needs. We appointed Newton Systems, a well established Gibraltar company providing IT solutions, maintenance and supports to various businesses.

Our solution enables each EAM to access its clients’ accounts

through a Virtual Private Network hosted on a secure virtual Gibraltar domiciled remote access server. Each EAM has its own company’s email address. For those who need a more powerful tool, we would recommend and facilitate the installation of the Portfolio Management System of Teamwork (Geneva based) that enables EAMs to visualize, consolidate accounts with various custodians, print tailor made reports, input trades, create investment constraints etc…all done with just one software.

To master the unpredictable, an IT rescue back up is available

in Gibraltar to support Atomium Services Ltd and will enable External Asset Managers to be operational within a few hours.