• Our Mission

    Atomium Services Ltd mission is to serve External Asset Managers and Advisors providing them with administrative and operation supports and offering our extensive network of finance service providers worldwide.

  • Our Services

    Company set up
    Operations & Administration

  • Our Team

    Atomium Services Ltd’s team consists of six seasoned, specialized, dedicated and motivated Wealth Advisers, Relationship Managers and Compliance officer with a sound professional background and a profound experience in Private Banking.

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July 2015 Triay & Triay Should UK non-doms now consider Gibraltar residency?       
June 2015 Press release Gibraltar Government opens office in Brussels       
January 2015 Gibraltar Chronicle
Finance sector set for "ground breaking" regulatory shake-up

January 2015 Tribune de Genève
Les banquiers suisses ruent dans
les brancards

September 2014 DUKASCOPY
Interview of Minister of Finance of
Gibraltar, Albert Isola

September 2014 AGEFI
La priorité à la conformité

May 2014 Le Temps
Les gérants indépendants doutent d’obtenir
l’accès au marché de l’UE


April 2014


Gibraltar pour les gérants



Gibraltar, le passeport européen accessible


Le Temps

La survie du gérant indépendant passe par
Une rapide adaptation