• Our Mission

    Atomium Services Ltd mission is to serve External Asset Managers and Advisors providing them with administrative and operation supports and offering our extensive network of finance service providers worldwide.

  • Our Services

    Company set up
    Operations & Administration

  • Our Team

    Atomium Services Ltd’s team consists of six seasoned, specialized, dedicated and motivated Wealth Advisers, Relationship Managers and Compliance officer with a sound professional background and a profound experience in Private Banking.

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Operations & Administration

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Daily operations

All External Asset Managers (EAM) are assigned a relationship manager at Atomium Services Ltd. The relationship manager will become familiar with the EAM’s business and clients. Relationship manager will take care of ,invoicing, trade executions, trade reconciliation, transfers and payments, processing corporate actions, checking best execution.

Customized telephone answering

A dedicated telephone line is professionally answered in customer's name as required. Messages are registered and processed according to predetermined instructions.

Fax service

A fax service is available for receiving faxes on EAM’s behalf and faxes are processed according to predetermined instructions

Office residence and hold mail

A mailing address facility is available to EAMs and their clients and all mail is processed according to predetermined instructions